Personal Accounting Services

We all use tools to make life flow a little smoother and more efficient. We set alarms to get us on time, notifications so we don’t forget, GPS so we don’t get lost and a slew of apps on our phones so we can have better control of things in our lives. For our finances, we set budgets we strive to stick to and reminders so we don’t forget to meet obligations when they’re due. As the year closes, we hope we don’t dread too much when gathering paperwork for our tax returns.

What if there’s a way to set aside that financial cycle and have the confidence that it will all be handled so you can focus more on the other aspects of life? What if you can easily pick up the phone and find out if your next big-ticket purchase is feasible per your current financial health? What if you’ll never have to wonder if a recurring obligation has been met? And what if, instead of dreading tax season, it simply goes by without you even noticing it and have confidence that your year-end financial reports have been meticulously reviewed so you can maximize tax breaks and minimize tax obligations. Personal Accounting Services (PAS) can do just that and more.

Personal Accounting Services (PAS) serves as your full time accountant, processing cash receipts and disbursements and reconciling accounts. With PAS, we help clients formulate budgets, forecast projections, and monitor performance throughout the year. We will provide detailed monthly reports of your financial picture.

Monthly Financial Package
Personal Financial Statement
Statement of Cash Flows
Data VisualizationX
Bill Monitoring
Bill Payment SystemX
Ongoing Financial Guidance
Tax Related Questions
Tax Preparation
*Individual (Federal & State)

*Limited to: Form 1040; Schedule A, B & D; One state return.
Additional fees may be charged to file additional state tax return, and schedules not listed above.